What’s new in Kenesto

What’s new in Kenesto App

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01/21/2018 – Version release build

Kenesto Web:

  1. BOM creation supports SW-2018
  2. BOM structure UI columns names consistency

Bug Fixes:

KB-6771 Adding workflow with workflow template does not keep the assigned user, under document, part, item page
KB-6770 Mobile Android: Document is uploading with 0 bytes, from “Downloads” in device
KB-6769 KDrive: Tray icon is not spinning when uploading documents, after switch users
KB-6768 WEB: ‘History’ inner tab in ‘Custom Page’ of ‘Templates’ tab – ‘Custom Page Templates’ fails to display information of actions made in custom page
KB-6765 Move under K-Drive: Shared internal user with full permissions can’t move owner’s document into owner’s sub vault
KB-6740 Right click Kenesto 125%: There isn’t enough space between some of the columns in table of ‘Versions’ popup window
KB-6738 Right click Kenesto 100%: There is an overlap between information display and table content in ‘Where Used’ in ‘Manage Dependencies’ popup window
KB-6736 Right click Kenesto 100%: ‘View’ option in ‘Manage Dependencies’ popup window doesn’t work
KB-6734 Right click Kenesto 100%: Waiting time of adding dependencies in ‘Manage Dependencies’ popup window is too long and if table is not empty then its content disappears while waiting and reappear when content is updated
KB-6730 Move under WEB: ini file shouldn’t be displayed at shared internal user’s K-Drive window when he updates owner’s file via WEB
KB-6328 Move: Error message when trying to move vault sub folder between two top folders
KB-6321 Move: Shared user can move files and folder when having Download permissions
KB-6320 Move: Parent folder owner cannot move document he owns into sub folder of shared user
KB-6318 Move: Owner see his own file as grayed out after shared user moved it to sub folder
KB-6317 Move: Sub folder is seen both under parent folder and under moved place
KB-6253 Move: No need for + icon in case shared user tries to move folder to sub-folder with None permission
KB-6252 Move: Fix UI of dotted line in “Move” modal, under folders I don’t own


01/08/2018 – Bug fix (KB-6773) : While using workspaces, the web interface would require a re-login when switching between workspaces.

What’s new in Kenesto Drive

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01-21-2018 – Version release

Improved download mechanism

Check-in / Check-out latency fixed

What’s new in Kenesto Mobile App

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01/07/2018 – Mobile App for Android – new version release. Added ability to upload documents directly to Kenesto.