Kenesto Drive service: Virtual Local Drive

Kenesto Drive is a service that runs on Windows and behaves like a virtual local Drive, offering users the perfect alternative to a shared network drive.  You can download the Kenesto Drive service software from Kenesto Cloud once you login, or by visiting our Kenesto Drive page.

CloudKenesto Drive

Kenesto Drive is supported on Microsoft Windows® 7 and above.

Current version : Last updated : 06-23-2019 What’s new in this version

  • If you receive a “Windows  protected your PC” notice, please following this.

Kenesto Addins for SW and SE:

Addins were developed by Kenesto and are for Kenesto paying users or EDU users.  The addins were designed with a PDM Alternative solution in mind.  The features have: revisions, check in, check out, where used, calculate dependencies, create new or next part numbers, and rename and replace part names.

The prerequisite to use the addins: Kenesto Drive service.

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