Kenesto Use Cases



Engineering Design Management

You can use Kenesto as your design repository for all facets of your design process, from early concept to release. Manage versions and release processes in a dynamic, ad-hoc manner, or take advantage of Kenesto’s vaulting, file management, tasks and workflows for better efficiency and full design management audit trails.


Engineering Change Management

Manage changes to your Engineering Change Management (ECM) and Marketing content using Kenesto. You can include your extended team, clients and partners allowing you to gain more efficiency and time-to-market. You’ll have greater control over change processes, more visibility into changes as they happen, and Kenesto will maintain audit trails for you.

Procurement and Supplier Collaboration


Requests for Quote and Bid Management

Simplify your process when engaging contractors and suppliers for information requests (RFI), requests for quotes (RFQ), BID submissions, and manage the entire bid review and selection process with Kenesto.  Onlineforms and document attachments are all neatly and securely managed to avoid conflicts and enable your procurement process.


Partner Network Collaboration

With Kenesto, you can manage and collaborate with your supply-chain and partner network. Whether you are a customer, contractor or supplier with a paid for Kenesto account or not external collaborators can participate in contribute to task assignment or document and folder share.

Program and Project Management


Plan, Manage and Execute Projects and Programs

With Kenesto, you can manage your  projects while collaborating in real time.  Whether onsite at a construction project or marketing events, gain access in real time to documents wherever you are.


PR & Advertising Project Management

With Kenesto, you can set up project teams and groups, including both internal and external participants, organize your working documents and folders, set up your tasks, schedules and workflows, and implement your project plans and processes with confidence.

Client Services


Perform and Manage Client Services

Kenesto allows you to manage interaction and collaboration with your clients; plan and execute internal processes and tasks; create, share and modify deliverables; and to track and report results through custom reports and audit trails.


Permit Processing

Do you need to manage approval processes, such as construction permits?  Kenesto allows you to easily engage with internal and external participants in nearly any process, including the submission, review, approve/reject, and management of permits, requisitions and other forms or documents.



Idea and Cost Reduction Management

Ideas for saving money on your product or service require a managed vetting process, with complete traceability.  With Kenesto, you can manage the data collection, workflow processes, and reporting to empower your employees to help envision new ways to improve your business metrics.


Manage & Automate Other Processes

With Kenesto, you can manage and automate many of your business workflow processes and collaborate both internally and externally to enable ideation and content creation, design reviews,  change management, partner interaction,  bid management, contract facilitation, and much more.

“Kenesto stands out as a leader in forward-thinking online engineering data management. We now have a secure, cloud-based solution for product document management, collaboration and version control, accessible from wherever we are in the world. On top of that, the Kenesto Drive feature allows our team to interact with our data as though it were a mapped server drive.”

Josh Adams, PE, Founding Principal, Apollo Engineering Design Group

“Kenesto is more than a collaboration tool – it’s fully-customizable to work with your processes and designs, and it provides a virtual workspace to store, view, and manage your data.”

–Elise Moss, Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer

“Kenesto has helped us structure our communication flow so that all involved can see the status of every campaign at a glance.”

–Erin Howell, Digital Campaign Manager, MEDIATA