Not a day goes by that we don’t hear someone talking about “the cloud”  — which has changed the way businesses communicate, collaborate and execute today.

The cloud represents a complete transformation in the way people access and share information.  One important transformation the cloud has enabled is that it allows all of the participants in a process or project to collaborate and get the job done in more social, yet effective ways. Cloud-native business applications have opened a new world of possibilities for the way people communicate.  The value of applying many concepts in consumer-oriented social and sharing tools are now being extended to Business and Process Collaboration applications.  Kenesto has taken the most valuable aspects of these emerging trends in cloud applications and applied capabilities demanded by business enterprises – including security, process, and tracability to its Engineering Data Management and Project Lifecycle Collaboration solution.

Kenesto is a cloud-based service for Engineering Data Management and Project Lifecycle Collaboration.  Kenesto helps companies — including design, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, construction, professional services and many others — to expedite their responsiveness to customers, increase the productivity of internal resources, and significantly enhance and improve collaboration with partners across their value-chains.  With Kenesto, you can collaborate along business workflows, creating a complete knowledge-base of what happened along the way.

Kenesto’s cloud-native workflow & collaboration platform enables virtual teams to share content and work together in a modern, robust, secure environment. Using a browser, smartphone or tablet – invite users to upload, synchronize, manage, edit and share files; create and track pre-defined and ad-hoc tasks; and leverage data management tools to ensure teams are collaborating smoothly and more productively.

  • Kenesto is 100% Cloud-based, enabling easy and engaging collaboration both inside and outside your company.
  • Kenesto requires no installation of software to gain immediate benefits from the system’s capabilities.
  • Kenesto’s file and document management capabilities take the concepts of cloud file management and sharing to the next level – including awareness and understanding of complex engineering data, such as CAD models.
  • Kenesto is built for businesses.  Kenesto has a multi-tenant architecture to ensure that your business-critical information is secure and segregated from other organization’s data.
  • Kenesto is backed-up across redundant servers and supports full bi-directional communication encryption for your peace-of-mind.
  • Kenesto’s tasks and Business Processes can be automatically captured and generated, while you work in an ad-hoc manner, or they can be pre-defined for later use.