Waltham, MA (PRWEB) October 15, 2014

Kenesto Corp, a leading cloud provider of collaborative engineering data management, today announced the full availability of its latest innovations to enable file, workflow and data collaboration for mainstream engineering businesses. These latest enhancements to Kenesto’s cloud service, which include innovative file vaulting and a pioneering file synchronization service, not only go beyond what can be found in other cloud solutions, but do so in a manner which more accurately fits with the way users and companies prefer to work – according to Kenesto’s market research.

“Many of our customers have struggled to force solutions not designed for engineering data to work for them” said Michael Payne, Kenesto’s CEO. “Our latest release offers a much needed set of capabilities for mainstream engineering businesses, supporting a highly affordable cloud model that includes nearly instant time-to-value.”

Kenesto’s services take into account the access rights granted to those with whom documents and folders have been shared. It determines whether the documents are in a vaulted status and also whether they can be synchronized, and if so, to what extent each participant can make updates. When updates are made, the system automatically performs the necessary version management, notifications, and file synchronization to and from the cloud service for all others who have access and who have chosen to synchronize the documents or folders.

These enhancements add powerful and important capabilities for both small and larger businesses, yet are especially well suited to mainstream engineering customers who either don’t currently use traditional file and vaulting solutions, or who may wish to augment their existing product life-cycle management tools to allow improved collaboration and engineering project execution with their customers and partners.

The new capabilities include connecting with shared network drives and remote vault folders to give companies the right level of security, while not overburdening users with unwanted application bureaucracy.

Kenesto’s latest capabilities also work well in conjunction with such design tools as Creo®, SolidEdge®, SolidWorks®, and Spaceclaim® for manufacturing customers and also Revit® for AEC customers, to enable file management and sharing across design workflows. This is all done while also ensuring proper handling of updates to component and assembly models connected to items and bills-of-material, for example.

“Kenesto has been a life-saver for us,” said Dave Temple, Director for Nextremity Solutions, Inc. “We had used other file management, sharing and collaboration methods in the past that were either over-bearing, or were over-simplified and less than secure. At times we lost documents or had files changed due to shortcomings with common types of systems and methods. Since switching to Kenesto, we now have an easy and highly secure way to manage and share engineering and marketing files both inside and outside our company. We look forward to taking advantage of these additional capabilities that Kenesto now offers.”

These latest enhancements follow on the heels of several other innovations the cloud-based service provider offers including cross-company partner collaboration, file sharing, task execution, workflow process management, forms, data management, and more.
Kenesto’s vaulting and file synchronization services are available now to current subscribers of the solution. Take Kenesto for a free test-drive by signing up at http://www.kenesto.com/business-trial

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