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What is Kenesto?

Kenesto is a simple cloud-based engineering document management system.

From its inception, Kenesto has been designed for engineers, by engineers delivering a robust solution for small and medium sized companies, especially those working in a diverse ecosystem. With our Kenesto Drive service on your PC, your CAD and other applications work directly with the cloud documents seamlessly just like your local drive, always accessing the current document. Kenesto provides the necessary tools users need to share, view, collaborate easily with external users, manage permissions, create versions and lock documents for day-to-day work.  Kenesto offers engineers and designers power, simplicity, and flexibility beyond consumer cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox and as a great alternative to expensive PDM systems.

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“Kenesto has been a life-saver for us. We now have an easy and highly secure way to manage and share files both inside and outside our company. ”

–Dave Temple, Director of Marketing, Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

“Kenesto is more than a collaboration tool – it’s fully-customizable to work with your processes and designs, and it provides a virtual workspace to store, view, and manage your data.”

–Elise Moss, Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer

“Kenesto has helped us structure our communication flow so that all involved can see the status of every campaign at a glance.”

–Erin Howell, Digital Campaign Manager, MEDIATA

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