UC San Diego Sub

This dedicated team of 15 students, representing diverse disciplines like aerospace, mechanical, and computer engineering, to physics, biology, and even English, are pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration. But their journey wasn’t without its challenges.

Streamlining Collaboration and Communication:
Before Kenesto, the team relied on GrabCAD, which, while useful, lacked crucial features for seamless collaboration. Frequent forgotten uploads led to version control chaos, and inconsistent file naming created confusion for new members.

Kenesto to the Rescue:
Enter Kenesto, the intuitive and collaborative engineering platform that empowers teams to work smarter, not harder.
Features like:
OneDrive-style upload: Ensures everyone is always working on the latest version.
Web-based CAD Viewer: Simplifies file viewing and sharing without needing dedicated software.
Offline working: Keeps the team productive even without internet access.
Multi-file type storage: Accommodates diverse file formats, from CAD models to documents and PDFs.

The Impact is Clear:
Cindy Tran, the team lead, shares, “Kenesto’s quality-of-life improvements have been immediate and impactful. The instant upload feature eliminates version control issues, and the web previewer makes collaboration a breeze. It’s the perfect platform for our diverse team.”

We’re excited to see their innovative submarine designs come to life, powered by collaboration and cutting-edge technology.
Are you an engineering team seeking to break boundaries? Join the Kenesto community and experience the power of collaborative engineering.

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