About Kenesto


About Kenesto: Values & Goals

Kenesto was founded on the principles of helping customers with document and file management problems that could not be solved with traditional methods. These problems can appear to be simple but, when left unsolved, contribute to a very expensive and time-consuming waste of resources.

 By utilizing Kenesto’s new Cloud platform, organizations of all sizes can significantly simplify their document environment, thus reducing expenses and increasing efficiency. These expense benefits could be realized in IT or overall business processes.

 Kenesto is delivering simple, yet powerful options for engineers and designers for storing, sharing, viewing, updating versions, and collaborating with CAD and other documents on the cloud. For the first time, engineers have an alternative to consumer-oriented cloud storage solutions giving them the ability to access and share CAD documents with anyone, anytime, anywhere. This ability brings confidence to engineers and management when working with outside suppliers that their current files will not be inadvertently overwritten or overridden.

 Kenesto is a growing team of passionate people dedicated to giving customers, partners, and vendors the very best solution and service possible.

Kenesto is all about the engineering document:


Our team prides itself on being highly innovative.  We are continuously evaluating the way things work, through customer and partner feedback and in understanding customer use-cases and habits.  Our foundation and mantra is in delivering a solution that help solve engineering problems.

Enterprise-Class Technology

Our development team is committed to delivering solutions that are based on leading edge technology. We are dedicated to providing customers with an experience and interface that help engineers store, collaborate, and manage change

Timely Support

Customer service is based on developing and maintaining relationships with our customers to ensure that they are always getting the most value from our solutions. We welcome feedback in understanding how organizations want and need to use Kenesto. In turn, we offer continually improved value in our solutions to our customers.


We work with our partners to build value in our customer ecosystem. We receive feedback on an ongoing basis and prioritize enhancements for our solution based on what our partners and customers have told us. In turn, we continually offer improved value in our solution.


Meet the Kenesto Management Team


Michael Payne


Mike is a serial engineering, CAD, and PLM entrepreneur. As a prolific technologist, Mike co-founded several innovative technology companies, including PTC, SOLIDWORKS, and SpaceClaim. Now, he has turned to revolutionizing the concept of Document Management, Cloud Storage, and  Collaboration and Execution with Kenesto.

Mike’s educational background includes Pace University (MBA, Management); King’s College London (MSc, Physics); University of Southampton. At Northeastern University, he taught courses in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Mike is also a COE Fellow, as well as a CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.


Leslie Minasian

Vice President, Partnerships and Alliances 

Leslie has more than 25 years of experience building partnerships and alliances that enhance systems and technologies. Prior to joining Kenesto, she worked at SpaceClaim, making early introductions to ANSYS. Working with Mike Payne, she was among a founding group of employees that led to PTC being publicly traded. Leslie earned a BS in Information Systems from Northeastern University.



Vic Sanchez


Vic is a seasoned executive with industry experience and go-to-market skills. Prior to Kenesto, Vic held executive positions at Assemble Systems, Inforbix, Newforma, and Autodesk. Vic holds a B.S. degree in both Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Miami and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Arizona State University.



Jyoti Das

Product Manager

Jyoti has more than 25 years of experience in software product development, architecture, and product management. He was one of the key startup employees at both PTC and SOLIDWORKS. He founded EcoSuite, one of the pioneers in cloud-based collaboration. Jyoti has a M.S. degree in computer science from University of Texas and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, India.



Gil Magor

Chief Technology Officer

Gil has more than 25 years experience of software development, management, and integration. Prior to becoming CTO at Kenesto, Gil was a project manager, architect, and team leader at Yael Software & Systems, a provider of healthcare computing services; a partner at Orange Cellular; and Clarizen, where he was responsible for external applications integration allowing customers to use their desktop applications to interact with Clarizen Web services. Gil’s motto is, Anything is doable!”

“Kenesto stands out as a leader in forward-thinking online engineering data management. We now have a secure, cloud-based solution for product document management, collaboration and version control, accessible from wherever we are in the world. On top of that, the Kenesto Drive feature allows our team to interact with our data as though it were a mapped server drive.”

Josh Adams, PE, Founding Principal, Apollo Engineering Design Group

“Kenesto is more than a collaboration tool – it’s fully-customizable to work with your processes and designs, and it provides a virtual workspace to store, view, and manage your data.”

–Elise Moss, Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer

“Kenesto has helped us structure our communication flow so that all involved can see the status of every campaign at a glance.”

–Erin Howell, Digital Campaign Manager, MEDIATA