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Kenesto Drive: The perfect alternative to your shared network drive

What is Kenesto Drive

Kenesto Drive, currently in its premier release, is a cloud-based shared network drive for file storage, automatic versioning, simple vaulting, and sharing. It functions as a simple enhancement to your current file system that allows you to work exactly like you do today, with some critical, yet innovatively simple enhancements. It is also built to support CAD and other engineering data.

What is Kenesto


Kenesto is a cloud-based, collaborative engineering data management solution.  Centered at its core by the Kenesto Drive, Kenesto also offers additional value-added capabilities such as project collaboration, task management, workflow, and more, which make it perfect for mainstream design, engineering, and product marketing teams.



Kenesto’s Additional Capabilities


Plan & Organize

With Kenesto, you can organize your programs and projects using collaborative  workspaces.  Within each workspace, you can organize your programs, products and projects, workflow processes, people, forms, data, and reports – including bills of materials, change requests, purchasing forms and much more.

Manage & Collaborate

With Kenesto you can easily manage and share your files, including CAD models, with enterprise-class document features.  Custom forms and pages allow you to manage and share critical program, product and project data, from requirements to contractor information to field test reports and more.

Execute & Track

With Kenesto, you can capture, manage and track all of your program’s tasks and workflow processes, with sub-workflows and dependencies.  Manage stages and gates for document & design reviews, bid management, change management and more – all with complete audit trails.

Capture Data & Report

Kenesto’s custom forms and pages allow you to capture, organize and distribute information around any topic, process or application to suit your business needs.  Easily customizable reports and dashboards allow you to track everything that’s happening.

Who uses Kenesto

Kenesto is for business!


Mainstream Design, Engineering and Product teams use Kenesto every day for program organization, file and data management, team collaboration, task execution and more.  Kenesto is optimized for use across internal and external team participants with its highly secure, multi-company architecture.

“The challenge in engineering collaboration has always been to balance structured and codified processes with the needs of ad-hoc teams to adapt to the specific needs of the tasks at hand. Kenesto is central to us for achieving this balance.”


Frederic Ramioulle
President, KPIT Automotive & Transportation, KPIT Technologies Ltd.

“Kenesto has helped us structure our process and communication flow so that all involved can see the status of every campaign at a glance.”

Erin Howell
Digital Campaign Manager, MEDIATA

“Kenesto is fully customizable to work with your processes and designs.  It provides a virtual workspace to store, view, and manage your data.”


Elise Moss
Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer

“Kenesto has been a life-saver for us.

Since switching to Kenesto, we now have an easy and secure way to share and manage engineering and marketing files both inside and outside our company.”

Dave Temple
Director of Marketing, Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

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