Kenesto Plug-In for Revit

Download and installation instructions

Kenesto Plug-in for Revit

Revit is architectural software serving the AEC community and used by organizations around the world. Kenesto customers using Revit can expect to do the following:

  • Share Revit files with individuals and/or teams
  • View Revit files and
  • Version Revit files using Kenesto Cloud and Kenesto Drive features

Read below to install the Kenesto Plug-in for Revit.

Revit 2012-2013

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Download and Installation Instructions

1. Download the appropriate Plug-In installer for your version of Revit (see above for download links) 2. Open the .zip file, double pick the .msi file and follow the directions below to install the Plug-in:

3. Run Revit 4. Open a Revit model and press “Add-Ins/Revit Kenesto Exporter,” as shown to the left:

5. The .RVT_K file created in a Kenesto Drive folder is automatically stored in Kenesto Cloud, or it can be created in another directory and uploaded to Kenesto Cloud. From this point on, anyone who has “permission” to view, share or edit the Revit file will have access to the current file regardless of how many versions created.


NOTE: viewing of Revit files is only possible when the file has been exported in the .RVT_K format that can be viewed in Kenesto’s Viewer.